Pretty, friendly PRE young stallion with a lot of dressage potential

Jerezano is a beautiful and friendly PRE young stallion. With his well-behaved nature and his sympathetic look, he quickly wins over his counterpart. He was broken in in Spain (GGA) and works well for his age. Jerezano promises a lot of potential for classical dressage and working equitation – a partner with whom it is never boring. He can be gelded on request and can also stay with us for further training/riding.

Details in short:

  • Type/breed: Purebred PRE gelding
  • Height: 1.59m
  • Born: 2018
  • Education: Recently broken in, knows basics (GGA)
  • Fit for: Dressage, leisure, working equitation, show
  • X-rays: available, without findings.
  • Price: Category B