Our Team

Andrea Müller-Lurz

Andrea, Andl for short, turned her passion (horses) into her profession over three decades ago and finally made her life’s dream come true in 2011 with the breeding farm. She is the owner and manager of the stud and therefore in a way the girl for everything.
In addition to her many years of practical experience, Andl is distinguished by her studies in animal psychology and animal homoeopathy. Her main focus is on the training and education of young horses, ground work, rehabilitation training and riding lessons.

Michael Lurz

Michael is the strong man in the background. As owner and caretaker he supports from the ground, dirt digger or tractor and makes sure that the infrastructure in the stable and on the pasture is always in best condition.
As a graduate engineer (FH), he works full-time as the operations manager of an SME.

Kim Müller

Kim was actually born in the saddle and has shared mum’s enthusiasm for elegant four-legged friends from a very early age. There has never been and probably never will be a horse at the stud that Kim hasn’t tried out and for each of them she has a fitting nickname.
Today she is responsible for riding and teaching – the training of young horses is especially close to her heart.

Vivien Linzmeier

Vivien started dressage sport during her school days and trained with great passion. It was soon clear that horses are her vocation. She learned her skills in analysing and correcting horses over several years in an international training centre for classical riding and deepened her knowledge and skills with well-known professional riders. Several weeks of training with professional riders nationally and internationally are part of her compulsory programme every year. At Sueno Negro Vivien takes over horse training, tournament performances and riding lessons.

Marion Friedrich

Horses are a big part of her life and it has always been very important to Marion to learn to understand our four-legged friends physically and mentally. It is her ambition to rehabilitate and keep horses healthy with individual, holistic treatments, as well as appropriate training etc. Marion supports Sueno Negro as an equine physiotherapist if required.


Tanja Gandion

Tanja’s enthusiasm for horses was awakened by her father when she was little, when he gave her a pony. Since then, her passion for equestrian sports has run through her life and finally brought her to our stud farm. Not only is she the proud owner of one of our stud-bred fillies, she is also currently training to become a licensed trainer and already supports the riding school. When working with horses, it is especially important to her to maintain the health of the horse and to create a basis between horse and rider through ground work.

Leonie Müller

With Leonie the next generation of ambitious young talents moved in at the stud. Growing up with horses, she knows no fear – whether big or small, Leonie courageously gets into the saddle and regularly tests our breeding and sales horses for their child-friendliness. 🙂
With her two riding ponies she already starts successfully at tournaments and we are curious how her riding career will develop.

Sabine Pander

Sabine regularly looks after the well-being of our horses with a great deal of empathy and expertise. As a trained and experienced animal healer and Dorn therapist, she can remedy a wide variety of pains. She can effectively treat tact impurities, stumbling, tension and rideability problems, which often have their cause in joint blockages, with the Dorn method.

Lena Koschek

As a child, Lena was infected with the “riding virus” on our stud and over the years, became kind of part of the family. Although she moved away from home for her studies and later her jobs, she always came to visit – and to ride. Because she works in the marketing / digital sector, she came up with the idea of ​​looking after our stud website and redesigning it. We are happy to pass on your feedback and inputs to you. 🙂

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